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Avex Pandey
6 min readApr 4, 2021


Printer is in an Error State

The printer is in an error state is the latest Common problem that many Windows 10 customers are facing even as they try to print any document in their printer.

The users were reporting about this irritating printer trouble on their windows 10 computer. on this problem, your printer system gets blocked by the device and then it prompts the error message

It shows “Printer is in an error state”.

nicely, there are many numerous unsightly reasons responsible for getting your Printer is in an error state. So, now in this article we are able to talk about this irritating issue and share with you the complete possible fixes to fix the error state and make your printer working again.

test out what does the Printer is in an error state means and the reasons liable for it.

What does the “Printer is in an Error State” Means?

when the printers of any brands like (HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, and etc.) Shows the error message — Printer is in an error state, it approaches your printer and is encountering any issue either within the printer or in the Printer software.

And there are numerous different motives responsible for this printer trouble, fortuitously there are fixes that worked for lots of customers to get the printer out of an error state and can work in your case as well.

Why My Printer is in an Error State?

There are many reasons why you get the error message printer is in an error state, below checkout some of the common once

  • Your printer is not connected properly or is jammed
  • If the printer is low on ink then also it may cause the error
  • Not having the system permission settings
  • Due to the corrupted system drivers
  • Any software change can also cause interference
  • Or due to the connection problem like power cables are not connected properly

you may fix errors easily with the help of this article. In this guide, I have compiled the great operating solutions. So, all you want to do is follow the given fixes one-by-one and solve this problem without struggle.

How Can I Fix Printer In an Error State on Windows 10 Computer?

Check Your Printer’s Connection

The first thing you need to do in order to fix the Printer is in an error state issue on Windows 10 computer is to check if the printer is properly connected to your computer. If the printer is not set up correctly, then you may get this error on your computer.

Therefore, make sure that your printer and laptop are nicely related with each other. also, test the cable or network through that you have linked your printer to the pc.

Now, turn off your computer and printer and leave them for some time. Turn on the printer and computer and check if the Printer is in an error state issue and is fixed or not.

Run the Printer Troubleshooter

Windows 10 has an inbuilt printer troubleshooter that detects and fixes the printer related issues. So, it may help you to fix this issue. To run this troubleshooter, simply you have to follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + I key together to open the Settings app.
  • Click on the Update & Security.
  • Go to the Troubleshoot option given on the left pane of the window.
  • Click on the Run the troubleshooter button given under the Printer section.
  • Now the troubleshooter will automatically detect and fix the issue that is preventing the printer from running properly.
  • Once the troubleshooting is finished, restart your computer.

Make Changes in Ports Settings

To fix the printer is in an error state issue, you can make some changes in the ports settings. For this, you need to follow the given instructions:

  • Press Windows + R key together, then type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box and press the Enter key.
  • In the Device Manager window, click on the View on the top menu.
  • Select the Show hidden devices option.Now, right-click on the
  • Ports (COM & LPT) and choose Properties.
  • In the Properties window, go to the Port Settings.
  • Now select the Use any interrupt assigned to the port.
  • Select the checkbox given next to the Enable legacy Plug and Play detection.
  • Lastly, click on the OK button and restart your computer

Make Sure the Printer is Online

  • Go to the Windows Search box and type Control Panel.
  • Click on the Control Panel from the search result.
  • Now, click on the Devices and Printers and select the connected printer.
  • If the Status of your Printer is showing as Offline, then right-click on the Status and select Use Printer Online. Also Read : Brother Printer Offline
  • Now you can see the printer status as Ready.

After doing this, check if the printer error message is fixed or not.

Set Your Printer in the Default Printer Mode

If your Printer is showing in the error state, then make sure your printer is in the default mode. This will help you in rectifying the printer issue. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Press Windows + R key to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Type control panel in the Run text box and press the Enter key.
  • In the Control Panel window, click on the Devices and Printers.
  • Select your printer from the lists of printers and right-click on it and select Set as default printer option from the context menu list.
  • Now you must see a green tick mark on your printer icon which shows that your printer is now set as the default.

Update/Reinstall Printer Driver

Printer driver issues can also lead to this error. So, if your printer driver is not updated, then it can cause the printer error. Hence, it is advisable to keep your drivers updated. To update the printer driver, you can follow this quick guide:

  • Open Device Manager (Follow the steps given in the 1st solution).
  • In the Device Manager window, click on the Print queues to expand the section.
  • Now, right-click on the printer you are using and select the Update driver option from the menu.
  • Click on the Search automatically for updated driver software option and follow the given instructions to update the printer driver.

Now, check if the printer is in an error state issue is resolved. If you are still facing the issue, then uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.

Follow these steps to reinstall the printer driver:

  • Go to the Device Manager and click on the Print queues.
  • Right-click on the printer and select the Uninstall device.
  • Now restart your computer and Windows will automatically install the printer driver.

If you don’t want to follow this manual procedure, then here is a third-party tool for you. Try the Driver Easy to update the device driver. It will automatically update all the outdated drivers on your PC.

Update Your Windows 10 Computer

  • Go to the Windows Start button and click on the Settings icon.
  • In the Windows Settings, click on the Update & Security option.
  • Go to the Windows Update tab located on the left pane of the window.
  • Click on the Check for updates button given under the Windows Update section.
  • Now it will check for the latest update and will install it automatically.
  • Reboot your Windows 10 computer and check if this method fixed the printer issue.